Greetings Group Leader,

We are so excited that you are coming next week and want to thank you for investing in the lives of the next generation. We are praying that this weekend would be one where our preteens encounter Jesus, grow in relationships, and move forward in their faith. We are believing that this weekend will be a powerful marker in the faith journeys of our preteens.  

A few things to be aware of as you plan for next weekend: 


·      Please wear your wristband, and have your students wear theirs.  Our security teams will be looking for those not wearing wristbands and will ask them to leave the venue.  These wristbands are tools to help us ensure that only safe and screened adults are in the building. Please inform your students NOT to leave the building without a preteen leader or parent.

·      Safety precautions: all doors will be locked from the outside except the front doors of the building. It is your responsibility as the leader to make sure your group don’t leave the building unless accompanied by a leader.


·      Registration Opens on Friday at 6:00pm.  Please have your group arrive after this time.

·      An important Group Leader Meeting will be at Friday, 6:30pm in the West Chapel - please plan to have at least 1 designated leader from your group in attendance. 

·      Take a picture of the schedule in your bag and make it your lock screen for easy viewing.

·      If you are familiar with the rotation system for breakouts, then the new 2019 HUBS system will be… well, new.  Your students may choose one HUB for each time block. 

·      Students are not required to stay together, though we would recommend students travelling with a buddy or two. Leaders, we have a leaders lounge specifically designed for you during our first HUB. During the second HUB, we would encourage you to choose a session to participate in. This will be a great connecting point for you and your students!

·      Group debrief.  This weekend’s theme is moving FWD. Our deep hope and prayer is for preteens to move FWD in their faith and to connect them to YOU as a leader. 

·      As such, it is so important that you are following up after every session!  We have set aside some Debrief time during the lunch hour. 
Keep your hearts attuned to the Holy Spirit so you can follow Jesus as He leads you to dive deeper and bring truth to the situations your preteens are walking through.

·      There may be moments over the weekend where you will be called upon to come and pray for your students. It is both a great privilege and responsibility that we get to partner with Jesus and pour into the next generation – our future. 
Our encouragement to you is to take this responsibility seriously and engage with how God is moving in your students’ lives. 
We are praying for students and leaders to encounter the living God in mighty ways!


  • Please remind your students to go to the washroom before the service.

  • During session times, students may be asked to respond to the message. 
    You may be asked to come forward and pray for them.  Please make sure that one chaperone/leader stays with the students who remain in their seats.

  • Set up a designated meeting spot that your students are aware of. This will be a point to return to before /after the main sessions, HUBS, and before/after lunch. 

  • Please have your students bring labelled, refillable water bottles. We will provide refilling stations, though we will not be distributing water bottles for the purpose to reduce waste.

  • We appreciate your help in keeping the building tidy! Please remind your students to pick up after themselves and use the garbage cans provided.

  • If you see anything that needs our attention (washrooms, garbage, students sick/lost, etc.), please let us know at Guest Services, and we will see to it.
    Our team is here to serve you!

  • MERCH and Concession items will be made available for purchase during the weekend.


  • In your leader envelopes, you will have a large number 1, 2, or 3. These numbers will let you know where your group is eating lunch. A map is included in the leader envelope so you know where to go. You are responsible for letting your students know where to meet for lunch. We would recommend choosing a designated meeting spot that your group is all aware of. Once your group arrives at the meeting spot, you can travel to the indicated lunch spot together.

1 = East Chapel

2 = West Chapel

3 = Conference Hall

  • Students will have a choice between three types of pizza: cheese, pepperoni, ham & pineapple. Please have students decide what they’re eating before joining the lunch line. **For students with gluten-free requests, please see one of our Team Leaders

  • Lunch-time is a great opportunity to debrief what students are learning in the main sessions and HUBS. We would encourage you to make the most of this time!



For security reasons, we request that all parents who come to pick up a student wait in the sectioned-off area. 

  • Students may not leave the venue until they are accompanied by their leader. 

  • This is extremely important to ensure the safety of the students. 

  • We greatly appreciate your help in this area.

Our team and volunteers are here to serve you! 

If we can enhance your SPARK experience, please let us know.  

Thank you for taking the time to invest in the lives of these students.  

Though you may never know the impact you have had, we believe that you have changed the world by investing in the lives of our Next Generation. Thank you! 

We are anticipating great things next weekend.  Sit back and prepare to be amazed as God introduces Himself and, together, we move FWD with a greater understanding of who He is, who we are, and our role is in His story. 


See you this weekend,